Our Catering Menus
Designer Function Hire will always give you for Reliability, Quality , Consistency and competitive pricing for your catering needs.We offer a full-service catering packages and dishes for Corporates, Events, Weddings, Business Events of any size.

Breakfast Platters
Veg Savoury Platters
Savoury Platters
Meaty Platters
Kids Platters
Wrap Platters
Special Platters
Spit Braai
Dessert Platters

Butter Scone Platter
Butter Scones
Served with Jam & Fresh Cream

Scone & Muffin Platter
Bran Muffins
Butter Scones
Served with Jam & Butter

Muffin Platter
Bran Muffins
Chocolate Muffins
Vanilla Muffins
Served with Jam & Butter

Sandwich Platter
White Bread
Tuna & Mayo
Egg & Mayo
Cheese & Tomato
Chicken & Mayo

Pastry Platter
Jam Pastry
Sugar Glazed Pastry

Sandwich Platter
Brown Bread
Tuna & Mayo
Egg & Mayo
Cheese & Tomato
Chicken & Mayo

Veg Savoury Platter
Sweet Corn Samoosa
Margherita Pizzas
Patha Pastry
Potato Samoosas
Vegetable Pies

Veg Variety Platter
Spinach & Feta Cup Pies
Corn Samoosas
Spinach & Feta Quiche
Veg Springrolls

Exotic Veg Platter
Mac & Cheese Puffs
Veg Filled Roti Wraps
Cheesy Pizza Cup

Chicken Savoury Platter
Chicken Kebaabs
Chicken Pies
Chicken Samoosas
Chicken Pizzas
Chicken Chilli Bites

Samoosa & Springroll
3 Doz Mix Samoosa
2 Doz Springrolls
* Veg Option Available

Meat Savoury Platter
Serves 8-10 Ppl
Mutton Sausage rolls
Lamb Samoosas
Lamb Kebaabs
Mutton Pizzas
Mutton Pies

Cup Pie & Sausage Roll
20 Mutton Mince Cup Pies
20 Mutton Sausage Rolls

Mix Savoury
Serves 8-10 Ppl
Chicken Samoosas
Chicken Springrolls
Lamb Samoosas
Chicken Quiche
Chicken Cup Pies

Variety Snack
Lamb Samoosas
Lamb Kebaabs
Chicken Springrolls
Crumbed Chicken Strips
Bufalo Wings

Mixed Meaty
Crumbed Drumsticks
Muton Kebaabs
Sweet Chilli Wings
Barbeque Lamb Ribs

Rib & Chicken
Sweet Chilli Lambs Ribs
Barbeque Bufalo Wings
Peri-Peri Drumsticks

Fingerlicken Platter
Crumbed Drumsticks
Crumbed Bufalo Wings

Mixed Meat & Savoury
Chicken & Mince Samoosas
Mutton Sausage Rolls
Crumbed Drumsticks
Mutton Kebaabs
Lamb Ribs

Mixed Chicken
Crumbed Drumsticks
Chicken Samoosas
Chicken Sausage
Chicken Pies
Chicken Kebaabs

Exotic Meat
Barbeque Lamb Ribs
Seekh Kebaabs
Tempura Prawns
Crumbed Hake

Mixed Sossatie
Chicken Sossaties
Mutton Sossaties

Meat Variety
Crumbed Chicken Strips
Chicken Sossaties
Mini Cocktail Sausages
Spicy Wings
Mutton Samoosas

Mini Bunny Chow
10 Mini Chicken Bunnies
10 Mini Mutton Bunnies

Mini Burger & Hotdog
12 Mini Cheese Burgers
12 Mini Hotdogs

Mini Pizza
10 Mutton Mince Topping
10 Chicken Topping
10 Margherita

Kids Variety Platter
Sausage Rolls
Chicken Lollies
Cheesy Pizza Squares
Mini Mutton Viennas
Chicken Pops

Veg Roti Wrap
15 Peas & Potato Filling
15 Vegetable Curry Filling

Tortilla Platter
15 Chicken Tortillas
15 Mutton Kebaab Tortillas

Meat Roti Wrap
15 Chicken Curry
15 Mutton Kebaab Curry

Snack Platter
Cracker Biscuits
Seasonal Fruit
Cold Meat

Crudites Platter
Fresh in-season vegetables
served with sour cream

Seafood Platter
Tempura Prawns
Crumbed Hake
Fish Bites
Fish Cakes
Fish Springrolls

A) Choose as Required
Succulent Lamb on the Spit (marinated in herbs)
Tender Marinated Beef on the Spit
Grilled Chicken in Herbs and Spices

B) Salads- Choose as Required
Potato Salad
French Salad
Sambals /Salsa
Beetroot Salad
Pasta Salad
Cucumber Salad
Carrot, Pine and Raisin

C) vegetables- Choose as Required
Gazed Baby Carrots
Cauliflower and Broccoli in White Sauce
Butter in Cinnamon
Hot Pot Mixed Vegetables
Green Beans Au Gratin
Sweet Corn in Herb Butter
Spinach in White Cream Sauce
Pasta Lasagna – Meat or Veg

D) General – Choose as Required
Baked Beans in Gravity
Baked or Roast in Gravity
Mushrooms in Cream Sauce
Garlic Bread / Bread Rolls
Yellow Rice

Fruit Platter
Assorted Seasonal Fruit Served
with 2 Types of Yoghurt

Tart Platter
20 Chocolate Tarts
20 Milk Tarts

Mini Cake
Milky Bar
Bar One
Chocolate Mousse

Cupcake Platter
24 Cupcakes
(Chocolate/Vanilla Buttercream
Toppings) – Choose 1 Flavour

Mini Lamington Platter
Strawberry Lamingtons
Chocolate Lamingtons

Mini Swiss Roll
Chocolate Swiss Rolls
Vanilla Swiss Rolls

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